Sunday, December 06, 2009

Day Five: London to Bournemouth to Brighton

To quote the postcard to myself: today has been distinctly lacking in "Yes" occasions. I can't really count shopping for new towels on the internet and having a short walk on Bournemouth Pier, can I?. A hand-made postcard is still going in the mail though...

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Day Four: It's a Day Off in that London!

And an awesome one it was indeed!

Sleep in? YES!
Delicious Carribbean food at Jerk City in Soho? YES!
With the amazing Huw & gorgeous Sara as company? YES!
Followed by a screening of Seperado!, Gruff Rhys's crazy & excellent film? YES!
Guinness and good times with the welsh crowd at The Endurance on Berwick Street? YES!
An early night and a good sleep at the K-West hotel? YES!
15p cheezy London postcard? YES! YES! YES!

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Day Three: Cardiff to Oxford

Woke up a little weary with sun streaming in from across Cardiff Bay & the channel beyond. But in a rare event, I got to have breakfast with my husband. Lovely. A gloriously sunny winters day is a rare rare thing, so I walked through the bay and across the barrage to Penarth Marina. New perspectives on my adopted home and a smile from ear to ear. I am embracing the new energy. Found time for a spell in the spa pools and as I type Will Young is performing "Leave Right Now" to a rapturous Oxford crowd.
We're headed back to London after this ... and a day off tomorrow. What a good thing.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Day Two: Cardiff

It's such an odd thing, staying in a hotel in the place where you live. Luckily for me it's a lovely hotel on the bay, so it's a big adventure and a new perspective. Not to mention a super-comfy bed. I am excited and energetic today, as I got up early to go home to the flat and do normal things like open mail and unpack the dishwasher. And make coffee for a fellow Will Young tour-companion in my own kitchen. Beautiful.

So, I said Yes to having my laundry done by someone else at a laundromat instead of doing it myself when I get home from tour. Yes to lunch. Yes to seeing my husband for a brief moment. Yes to sneaking out during sound check to have coffee with a friend and pretending to go to the post office. Yes to putting friends on the guest list. Yes to treacle pudding. And potentially Yes to a short tour with an old friend when this one ends.

Yes indeed.